This is a great time to identify your best change management agents.  The goal of change management is no longer just getting through the next change initiative, but rather developing a nimble and resilient workforce.  A workforce that is ready and equipped to embrace change with confidence and a positive attitude.  When thinking about change management, half the battle is making sure you have the right leaders in place. Be sure to assess your leaders’ competencies, behavioral styles, and values.  You will want to keep an eye out for some key indicators. For example, effective change agents demonstrate flexibility and resilience.  They recognize growth opportunities, strive for results, and lead fearlessly. Effective change agents will gain buy-in from their staff. If your organization is facing a transition, try evaluating people against the aforementioned change-agent profile. Identify your best change management agents.  

When hiring, assigning, or promoting staff, you’ll want to observe the leaders’ abilities. So, during interviews, zero in on these competencies.  Ask how they’ve demonstrated the related behaviors in their current and previous roles. Further, ask yourself whether they show evidence of being task-oriented or transformational.  Observe whether they’re strongly motivated by achievement and power. The executives who do are the ones best equipped to make change happen.

Leaders understand that practice is a key approach to change management.  Those who apply this principle are usually successful.  The majority of failures occur because this principle is ignored.  Remember, practice makes new behaviors automatic and a natural part of who leaders are.