Hi, I’m Charlie. 

I’m an author, musician, photographer and videographer based in Rochester, Minnesota.  Chicago-bred and on a mission to discover my next great adventure, starting with “Get Up Charlie!” (you can get a better sense of what that means over at the Gallery page).  I attended Northwestern University concentrating on Radio, TV Broadcasting and Interpersonal Communications.  I spent 29 years at Harris Bank in Chicago and taught “Principles of Corporate Television” Columbia College in the same city.  I’ve spent the last 16 years as Unit Manager, Media Support Services for the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.  In a previous life, I covered the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan’s championship run, ’96-‘98 as a freelance photographer.  It was awesome.  I’ve loved the visual arts and it’s been my passion for as long as I can remember. 

My story is pretty much like every other kid that grew up in the 50’s and early 60’s: Saturday morning cartoons, Super Soakers in the summer, bowls of sugar laced cereals, fighter jet shaped fruit snacks, Good and Plenty candy, Captain Kangaroo, and Flintstone afternoons. Those early obsessions have influenced my work and life permanently. 

I’m intrigued by cruise ships, traveling around the world, photography, music, strategy, writing, art, armchair philosophy, fabulous food, and even better conversations.

I seek to be inspired, envision the unlikely and to work hard for things that are worth it.  I’m blessed to be surrounded by a loving wife, mother, brother and sisters, and by those who bring out the best in me.

Say hi on cperky@getupcharlie.com